To establish system for training of public authorities aimed at improving level of environmental expertise, facilitating good governance and sustainable infrastructure development in WBC each partner universities develop training courses and provide training for the public authorities in Serbia, Montenegro and BiH.

List of training courses and responsibles for their development is following:
1. Sustainability Indicators for Municipalities – UPC/UB
2. Energy efficiency of public buildings – UPC/UoM
3. Scenario methods for energy planning (Towards sustainable heating/cooling systems in cities of WBC) – KTH/UBL
4. Energy efficient renovation and retrofitting approach – KTH/UB
5. Industrial Ecology approach for planning of new urban areas – KTH/UBL
6. Renewable Energy (Technology) – TU Delft/UES
7. Renewable Energy (Management) – TU Delft/UoM
8. Energy System Analysis – TU Delft/UKG
9. Energy planning methodologies and tools – Polito/UKG
10. Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Development - Polito/UES